For over 30 years, YSA Marketing has been a leading specialist in providing insect screens with a difference. From humble beginnings of a door-to-door service, we are now a renowned manufacturer of high-end insect screens that fit seamlessly into any interior.

Most people may not see the importance and need for insect screens in your home but they are indeed an essential investment for your family’s well being. With increasing reports of dengue cases and insect-borne diseases, you cannot afford to take the risk and depend on low quality netting workmanship. Simply because, average screens are not built to last, or are they designed to provide the best protection against insect’ invasion into your home?

YSA makes the difference. Through the years, our hands-on experience has driven us to constantly improve our products to cater the evolving needs and demands from customers. Our insect screens are designed with great emphasis on durability and usage friendly while maintaining an essential touch of aesthetic appeal. Until this day, our founder will closely guard the quality and workmanship of all our insect screens product to ensure maximum satisfaction for the end user.

You can have a peace of mind as YSA screens can suit your home interior design. Our wide range of insect screens caters for variety requipments, space management and material preferences. We offer an extensive line-up of folding type insect screens, magnetic insect screens, retractable roll-up insect screens, aluminium and glass work and professional window treatment consultation.

Do not settle for a second best when it comes to your family’s safety. Your home is your haven and sanctuary. Keep it free from insect’ invasion – the YSA way!



Insect Screens attached to windows and doors can protect you and your family from fearsome diseases that are all too often treated lightly and overlooked, while still letting natural breezes flow through your home. There is no better sensation than a natural breeze blowing in from your doors and windows. Taking advantage of nature’s breezes is also ideal for an energy-conscious and ecologically sound lifestyle.

Doors and windows that lie open all day leave houses vulnerable to invasion by mosquitoes and flies. Mosquitoes are carriers of communicable and sometimes life-threatening diseases, including dengue fever, West Nile fever, and malaria, and flies carry O-157, salmonella food poisoning, dysentery, and a host of other harmful diseases. According to these reasons, screens windows and doors can be the barrier between your home and potentially lethal insects.

Screen windows and doors are not only indispensable products for all households, but are also perfectly suited to modern needs. Insect screen use no harmful chemicals, so there are no adverse effects on either the global environment or the space where you live.

Sliding Window

Benefits of Insects Screen


Keep insects out of your home

Lets enjoy outdoors indoors without the bugs.

Protects netting by retraction into cassette

gives a piece of mind for years.

Provides clear views through openings

makes rooms feel bigger and more open.

Minimises use of chemical insecticides

protects health and rids off unpleasant smells